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Acceptable Content Policy

General rules:

CloutBout maintains the right to remove or censure images, videos, descriptions, links, or any other user submitted content that we, at our sole discression, deem to be inappropriate for our website. Removal or censure may occur at any time for any reason (including but not limited to the categories listed below) without warning. At the same time, it is our desire to provide an open forum for users to post content, insofar as this goal is possible within the limits of lawfulness and common decency.

Report abuse of these guidelines using the "Report this" button at the bottom of bout page.

Disallowed content

See below for a more detailed description of each category.

Intellectual property violations

Although much of what can be posted on CloutBout will fall under "fair use" provisions for content, at the request of the copyright holder, we can and will remove offending content if necessary. If you suspect that the copyright holder would not want their material on CloutBout, do not upload it.

Illegal or legally dubious actions

Content merely depicting illegal acts aren't necessary violations, however some may be depending on the situation. However, content providing instructions or encouragement to commit illegal acts will be removed. Essentially, content that is itself illegal will be removed. If the content is illegal in your country (or the country of Canada) do not upload it.

Violent, gory, or graphic content

While some violent imagery will be allowed, it cannot be excessive. For example, content which would be classified as rated NC-17 ("Adults Only") in the MPAA rating system would likely be disallowed. Content classified as rated R ("restricted") may be allowed. Content classified as PG ("Parental Guidance") or PG-13 ("Parents Strongly Cautioned") would likely be allowed.

Pornography, nudity, or other sexually explicit content

Content that contains sexual content may be allowed, but if and only if the primary purpose is educational or artistic, and it isn't unnecessarily graphic. In general, content which includes nudity, or gratuitious sexuality, will be removed.

Racist or discriminatory content

Content which advocates racism or other forms of discrimination will be removed. Display of racist and/or discriminatory symbolism will likely be removed, unless it is for the purpose of historical education or some other benign purpose.

Libel or threats

Content which is libelous or which makes threats against others will be removed. Criticism of ideas or people is acceptable, but should be truthful, done with charity, and be in good taste.

Spam or other unpaid advertising

Unpaid advertising may be removed at our sole discretion. However, a thoughfully crafted bout, the content of which would be interesting or compelling to visitors, may be allowed even though its primary purpose is to promote a product, company, event, etc. Links to website(s) that are deemed to be spam will be removed.

Last updated: September 20, 2016